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    Unified communication System refers to the integrated system of communication solution that includes both landline and mobile communication. It integrates instant messaging, voicemail, email, fax, white boarding, and audio / video / web conferencing.

    UC100 a multi-functional gateway that integrates voice and data services to offer seamless connectivity to VoIP, PLMN and PSTN Networks. It has three different voice interfaces including GSM, FXS and FXO. It offers high-speed data-handling ability which allow users to enjoy higher speed internet surfing. It supports both Wi-Fi and LAN port connectivity which makes it more versatile.

    UC2000 is also a multi-functional gateway that offers easy connectivity to VoIP, PLMN and PSTN Networks. It is module structured that helps it to be versatile for easy connectivity. It is build with a compact structure that offers comprehensive features with multiple port facility. Different modules are available for this gateway and it is also highly customizable. It also offers high-speed internet access and excellent voice/messaging services.

    UCS multi-functional gateway is perfect for businesses with multiple branches to reduce communication cost. It is also suitable for personal use, SMEs and call centers.

    UCS can be used for complete call center solutions with all possible integrations . It can be used for call centers with multiple centers , as an application for conferencing , con centric solutions etc . It can be used with GSM gateways , FXS / FXO , Voip .