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    Trunk gateways are used for connection with the IP PBX , call center suite for all the required telephony functionalities .

    Trunk gateway is typically an interface that inter-connects VoIP line and PSTN line. This inter-connection enables the end user to make phone calls over VoIP line using PSTN phone. It typically connects IP and hybrid networks via Ethernet or telephony links in a compact 1U form factor appliance. Trunk gateways also convert signals into voice or fax or multimedia sessions for mobile and cloud-based applications. It supports SS7, PRI, R2, V5.2, QSIG protocols on E1/T1 side. On the other hand it also supports SIP, MGCP, H.248 protocols on IP side.

    These trunk gateways are designed to accept self-contained units (boxes) or circuit cards. The device comes with options of various ports for POTS devices depending on the application. It can be used in small offices, SMEs and call centers.