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    All the models of gsm gateway can easily be connected with Contact center suite appliances : for multi agents calls and accessoibility to all the advanced call center telephony features , Conference bridge : for multi party conference from separate numbers of each agents / executive , IP PBX : for internal communication between the organization , OBD IVR : for publicizing any important information etc.

    GSM VoIP gateways are used typically to reduce the communication cost in various organizations. Need of this evolved due to increased call traffic in various organization which demanded a higher operational cost. It also reduces the call cost for remote place communication where landline does not reach. It also converts landline-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls which ultimately reduce calling expenses.

    These GSM VoIP gateways come with multiple ports that offer easy connectivity options. Its integrated connectivity and open standard SIP support enables IP phones to get connected with it easily. It is suitable for any organizations that need call termination and remote communication connectivity. It also allows extension users to make outbound call via using integrated SIM services which is possible as it converts landline-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile calls.

    This gateway comes with all SIM featured facility such as SIM card swapping and SIM balance recharge which makes it all-in-one solution for SMEs. Its call termination facility allows users to reduce call expenses by multiple SIM support. It also offer Global GSM/3G support, call minutes counting, automatic number translation, and SMS Notifications. It offers both GSM trunk and PSTN gateway features.

    This device is suitable for all businesses which need communications system including SMEs. Healthcare, call centers and travel agencies.