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    Aria UCS 1000 is designed to provide complete solution for entire inbound-outbound customer interaction. With it selecting contact routing, contact recoding, skill selection and post-inquiry surveys has been made easy. It offers high-end efficiency and productivity that helps in engage customers. UCS 1000 is configured with all latest technology to communicate with any media such as TDM/ VOIP / Data base / Email / Web Chat/ SMS etc.

  • Inbound ACD Routing

    Aria UCS 1000 ACD systems can be used to route contacts based on the dialed number (DNIS) or calling party identification (ANI). The routing can be done according calls, available agents, customer profiles and user-defined business rules. It also allows ACD solutions to apply inbound automatic call distribution routing for voice, email, chat, and SMS contact types.

    ACD Routing

    It simplifies the administration process that ultimately increases agent productivity to create a consistent customer experience. it also offer manual agent selection so that a returning customer get access to the same agent who handled the previous communication.

    Dynamic Inbound ACD Routing

    It automatically selects the agent on skill base as per customer requirement which ultimately enhances customer satisfaction. Skill based agent routing helps in using resources effectively that leverages self-service capabilities.


    It offers complete voice response facility that is needed for any business process. The IVR process can be dynamic as well as static depending on customer demand. The process can be automated and multiple IVR can be run on different DID as per requirement.

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