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    Aria’s Predictive dialers are best featured dialers that offers manual dialing and automated answer generation. The dialers we offer are made with best configured technology that not only allow our call center clients to answer/dial calls but also offers time verification facility for each call. With our predictive dialer, customers can verify the average call timing for each call answered along with average call length calculations. These facilities help in increasing analyzing performance and enhancing productivity in the call center.

  • ARIA UCS TM – Contact Center Solution:

    Parth UCS TM is the perfect call center solution that offers excellent inbound/outbound call facility along with excellent calling features. Our products are rich in technical features that has been developed over years with maintain high-end quality. Our best features are discussed in the below points to give you a glimpse of our technical excellence.

    ACD Automatic call distribution system or ACD is the most important part of cal center operation that is used in both inbound/outbound calling systems. It offers high-end configuration that allows user to set skill based routing, and Universal Call Distribution.

    Queue Message: With Aria UCS, you will have the option to queue message according to your choice for each campaign.

    CRM: Parth UCS offers great flexibility to design Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaign for organizational improvement. It has 45 open fields that can be configured according to information scratched from customers.

    Disposition: ARIA UCS offers manual call disposition facility that can be filled by the agent after each call disconnection.

    Trunk Line Connectivity: It offers all possible trunk line connectivity such as GSM/CDMA Gateway, SIP trunk, ISDN PRI Line, FXO and H.323 etc.

    Agent Terminal: with Aria UCS, clients have the privilege to use Any TDM PBX, soft Phone, IP Phone, Mobile, Landline and FXS Gateway through agent terminal. This unique feature offers the flexibility to use mobile or land line as agent phone.

    Monitoring: System monitoring has been made easy with our predictive dialers. Monitoring authorization can be given to multiple channels to monitor campaigns and to create/customize roles as per demand.

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