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    IP PBX helps in call switching between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users. It works as private branch exchange that offers call switching system within the enterprise. It also allows all users to share a number of phone lines under this system.

  • Aria IP PBX offers internet protocol connectivity along with additional audio, video and instant messaging services with utilizing the TCP/IP protocol. This hardware device works through unique software that allows automated operations for call communication.

  • The conventional PBXs require separate networks for voice and data communication but Aria IP PBX uses a single line for all communication. It employs converged data and voice networks to provide such flexibility. This feature not only reduces complexity but also reduces operational cost. It offers functionality addition in relatively low cost with IVRS (Interactive voice Response System), Conference Bridge, Aria ACCS Advance communication system and OBD IVR etc.

  • It supports VOIP and TDM communication system and comes with in-built ISDN PRI system in it. It easily connects Analog Lines, CDMA , GSM through various gateways with flexible PBX system. It also has in-built VOIP Trunk system that supports SIP & H.323 protocols. It easily connects with EPABX and integrates with any CRM ERP.

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