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    All the Fxs models can be connected with Analog phones to convert the Voip connection into the network. These can be integrated with Contact center suite appliances , Conference bridge , OBD IVR etc.

    FXS gateways are typically used to connect analog connections with VoIP service providers. This device converts existing FXS interface into VoIP connections via standard voice interface. Dinstar India FXS gateways come with 4, 8, & 16 ports that support SIP, IAX2 and MGCP protocols. The mechanism of connecting VoIP services via an FXS Gateway is a simpler in compare to other gateways and also is cost effective.

    These gateways configure FC ports and VF ports as N ports to enable the options of switch supporting. Connection made by these gateways supports regular and long distance communication. FXS gateways connect well with office analog phones and fax machines to maintain communication with existing VoIP protocols. It well decodes voice signals and codecs with its high-end technical configurations.

    FXS gateways suits best for the small businesses and offices an integrated communication system is much required. Installing FXS gateway is easy and the ROI generated from them is much more worth than others.