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    FXS/FXO mix analog VoIP gateways are typically used as telephony equipment to get connected with VoIP service provider through analog connection. This function is a typical conversion of existing TDM interface such as FXS, FXI into VoIP connections. An analog gateway builds up connection between normal phone system and VoIP gateways. Access gateway allows users to connect their analog devices to VoIP connections via standard voice interface.

    FXS/FXO mix analog VoIP gateway enables the option to configure FC ports and VF ports as N ports on supported switches. This configuration ultimately allows the host connection to get attached directly to the VF Ports on the gateway supported switch. Such connections can be made for regular and long distance connections.

    FXS/FXO mix analog VoIP gateway suits best for the SMEs, call centers and multi-location businesses where they need an integrated communication system. It’s easy to install them and it works well with web browsers which makes it easier for further functioning process.

    This is used for integrated business solutions which worls with both fxs,fxo gateways for analog to voip and vice versa . It is used for call centers , conferencing , Obd ivr and varoius con centric solutions for multiple centers.