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    All the Fxo models can be connected Contact center suite appliances , Conference bridge, OBD IVR etc. in order to get the effective outcomes of the telephony environment.

    FXO gateways connect analog devices to the VoIP telephone lines. These gateways are more effective in the situations of network failure or crashes due to their fallback features. It offers access to several plain old telephone systems (POTS) lines simultaneously. Dinstar India’s FXO gateways offer 4, 8 & 16 port models which make it variant for various industry applications. These gateways reduce call cost for distance telecommunications with its high-end features.

    Dinstar FXO gateway converts FC ports and VF ports into N ports on supported switches which allow it to host the connection to get connected to the VF Ports directly. It supports both short and long connections with its simplified structure. Moreover, it is very cost effective in terms of ROI interest. The FXO devices are easy to install and get configures easily with any web browsers.