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    The simpler definition of Conference Bridge can be described as a pool of multiple voice calls by multiple persons put together to conduct a group conversation. It works in the same mechanism as any normal conference calls do. Conference Bridge is used in larger organizations to make server calls to answer numerous calls at once by using its software.

  • Aria telecom has bought the high-end configured conference bridge for the businesses that needs an extra bit of communication. Conference bridge solution provided by us are build with high-end technology and latest configuration that allow users to squeeze the best out of it. The UCS conference bridge offered by Aria Telecom is one-stop-solution for multi-call communication that any organization need.

  • The UCS conference bridge is available in a range of variation that are built on the concept of Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Pulse Coded Modulation (PCM) switching technology. It is made with CMOS chip that allows minimum power utilization and advance processing. It is capable for both audio & video conferencing which makes it versatile for industrial use. CMOS is based on micro controller system which can be accessed with distributed processing.

  • Exclusive features of Aria Conference Bridge:

    • Add various groups simultaneously
    • Addition of a party to the conference without need of PIN
    • Connectivity option for GSM
    • Cross-compatibility for all types of PBX and Direct CO lines
    • Fully compatible with VOIP and TDM
    • Incredible range of 4-240 party conference
    • Initiate the conference with Admin access
    • Join or Un-join any party with admin access
    • MIS reporting option
    • Multiple Administrators
    • Mute and Un-mute option
    • No hang-up tones
    • Notification option for parties joining and leaving the conference
    • OS-Linux Centos
    • Recording and keeping logs
    • Remote access for adding a party to the conference
    • Restrict entry or joining in the conference
    • Schedule with an auto dialer